The mind see things already written in the Heart and to seize these exquisite moments ATRASKI WEDDING brings to
you the most utopian way to celebrate the wedlock of two souls bound in love into one.
We Started our journey in 2018 with the zeal to conquer hearts by capturing moments curved out of passion and
presenting them in the most enthralling way to couples who wish their dream wedding to be picture perfect.
At ATRASKI WEDDING, we have a deep love for light, life and commitments. As you walk down the memory lane ten
years from now, we promise to Make sure you re-live every moment from the most important day of your life.

Briefly categorizing , ATRASKI WEDDING provides coverage in different pattern :

Photography : At INR 45,000/- for one day .
Videography : At INR 50,000/- for one day.
Pre-Wedding Shoot : At INR 25,000/- for one day.
Post-Wedding Shoot : At INR 25,000/- for one day.
With ATRASKI WEDDING, there is only one promise we deliver and live up to : We don’t capture
photographs, We capture souls.
Norms to be Noted :
• 50% Payment to be done after finalization with us and before the coverage of the event. Rest of the amount
to be cleared after successful completion of our Job.
• Travel and Lodging expenses to be solely borne by the client party.