The Market Place 2018 | Edition 2

The Market Place 2018 | Edition 2   A weekend playground for experimenting and experiencing the brave, new directions of wellness lifestyle, the second edition of “The Market Place” focuses on Natural & Organic Living. Two days of simple, honest ideas. About primary elements like showcasing generations of honed skills, sourcing the best produce, using […]


  TOP 7 EVENTS OF THE WEEK IN KOLKATA. Event Details: Hello Calcuttans! 💜 The Hub gets one of the best Chinese Cuisine Workshop with the heritage, classic and all time favourite restaurants of the city- Zaranj and Soi!🍽 Your guide to Chinese Food!💕🍽 What will you learn? 🍽Steam Vegetable Wontons 🍽Vegetable Schezwan 🍽Mixed Vegetable […]

New Year Weekend Camping at Kotagiri

EVENT DETAILS NEW YEAR WEEKEND CAMPING AT KOTAGIRI Reporting time : Batch 01 : Dec 30th Saturday (8 am ) Batch 02 : Dec 31st Sunday (10 am) Location Highlights : Kotagiri is located in the Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu. (30 kms from Ooty) Elevation: 1793 Meter Average Temp: 15°C to 17°C Program brief: […]

Holistic Yoga & Meditation workshop.

EVENT DETAILS HOLISTIC YOGA & MEDITATION WORKSHOP. ONE DAY YOGA WORKSHOP SUPPLEMENTED WITH YOGA MANUAL AND DVD. Get introduced to a complete holistic yoga and meditation course in one day for a lifelong yoga practice. In the modern time, time is the main constraint which prevents many people to join for yoga course, attending regularly […]