The Haldi ritual is one that is full of happy emotions. Essentially a ceremony that involves putting Haldi/Turmeric paste on the dulha & dulhan, it’s a custom held to ward off evil while adding that extra glow to the skin. What starts off as a simple event eventually turns into a lively fiesta with each one trying to apply this paste everywhere! (Sometimes, pour it all over too!) We’ve excitedly put together some of the best candid shots of this emotional, fun filled event.

You’ll see the brides-to-be ecstatic and glowing incessantly.

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The Mehendi combined with this auspicious color is outstanding.

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Everyone wants to participate in this coloring fest!

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So why not pose sharply while you’re already in the spirit!

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Isn’t it beautiful that this ritual turns into an entertaining ceremony for family & friends?

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Because he’s your bhai and he is here to love you and tease you and color you with haldi!

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And your friends too!

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And the haldi dries up too, but you’ll see that the excitement doesn’t end.

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And why not take some uber cool picture too? #Bridechilla

Image Source: Gautam Khullar Photography

A beautiful overhead shot of the bride and the groom!

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And the fun starts!

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Everything is fair in love, war and the haldi ceremony, right?

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Boom! Enter wild friends with some booze!

  Image Source: Aviraj Saluja on Instagram

And other syrups too!

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Haldi hai or holi hai?

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Meanwhile do some Bhangra and enjoy the moment!

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And tear the groom’s kurta!

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In the end click some awesome and fun snaps and turn them into a collage!

Image Source: Jayesh Photography on Instagram

Oh and how can you not take one last picture with your friends?

Image Source: Ombre Byhj on Instagram


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