20 Places In Mumbai Without Stag Entry Charges

To the point: The thing that sucks about being a single guy on a weekend, is having to pay a place a ridiculous amount of money, just for the privilege of being there. This modern day segregation persists all across our beloved city, and it can be rather frustrating, if not expensive. If you’re looking for a fun weekend of drinking with the lads, we’ve found 39 places (have one more to add to our list?) that will let you in, without charging you a penny!
Woodside Inn is as quaint as its name suggests., It has an air of classiness that makes it seem way more expensive that it really is. What makes this outpost stand out from the rest is the fact that it has an exhaustive 25 craft beers on tap. They do an excellent Mushroom Pizza (Rs 565), and if you’re feeling experimental, you can go for the GrilledOctopus (Rs 445).
2: Summer House Cafe
If you’re into places that look like old barns and serve up cheap booze then Summer House Café isn’t for you. It is, however, particularly spacious, which means you and your buddies can stagger about rather freely without causing significant property damage. If you like eating food be sure to try out their Fish and Chips (Rs 525) which go well with mayonnaise and brilliantly with 5 pints of Corona.
The While Owl was one of the coolest places in the country. A refreshing brewery proves you don’t need to rely on tax-dodging billionaires to enjoy a good beer. If you’re looking to kick back with your male comrades and bond over how you’ll never understand women or the concept of a provident fund, it’s a fairly chilled out place to be. Until, of course, it comes to finding your way out of the India bulls building.
The Barking Deer serves some of the finest craft beer in the city, which proves they know their beer. They also serve Fosters which proves they’re godless heathens. The food is perfectly acceptable, but that doesn’t really matter when you’re getting hammered. We’re not particularly fond of their apparent obsession with tall stools, because we’re not toddlers.
For a pub that stereotypes an entire ethnicity, The Irish House is surprisingly nice. Sure their music is a bit too loud, and the Long Island Ice Tea mostly ice, but you’ll never know what true bliss is until you find yourself staggering across a desolate, dark mall at 2 am. As far as food goes, they have it. If there’s a game on, Irish House are mostly likely screening it, which makes it the ideal venue for watching other people play sports.
Everyone who has ever been to Mumbai has paid a visit to Leopold. It’s 140 years old but doesn’t look a day over 135. It’s famous for its Buffalo Burger (Rs 464), its Chicken Pepper Steak (Rs 637) and its uncanny popularity with white people. As far as iconic places in Mumbai go, we’d be hard pressed to find anything that even comes close. It’s like CST but without the smell.
Why someone would use communism as a restaurant theme will always confuse us, nevertheless, this spot is brilliantly classy and their rum-based cocktails are to die for.  As far as ambience goes, Havana is exquisite, making it a nice place to kick back and plot revolution with your broletariat.
Café Mondegar is famous for being the old Irani café in Colaba that turned into a pub that isn’t Leopold. You’d think 80 years would have taken its toll on the place, but it’s surprisingly well-maintained, they even managed to get Mario Miranda to draw murals on their walls. As far as food goes they’re fairly excellent, particularly their breakfast menu, which includes beer. They also serve Breezers, because nobody’s perfect.
 We love Koyla, and it’s not just because they serve hookah. Amongst their culinary arsenal they have some pretty great Butter Chicken (Rs 480) and Dal Makhni (Rs 290) for the group vegetarian. The open-air ambience is quite a novelty, besides, when has drinking on a rooftop ever ended badly?
Of all the Colaba based places on this list, Headquarters is the most quintessentially pub-like. Complete with the high toddler stools, the faux wooden floor panels and even a fake brick wall with semi witty posters. If we could recommend one item on the menu it would be beer. If we could recommend another item on the menu it would be another beer.
Doolally is a beer-lover’s paradise – it has some of the best craft beer money can buy and a rather impressive collection of board and card games to amuse yourself with. When it comes to finger food, their House Fries (Rs 200) are nice but the dips they’re served with are brilliant. Plus, they’re pet-friendly. The only downsides are the fact that they’re perpetually crowded and don’t serve hard alcohol.
Janata is a dive bar that’s been gentrified beyond all recognition. You might have to share your table with strangers if there are too few of you, but the beer is cheap and the Chicken Chilly (Rs 210) and Prawns Manchurian (Rs 245) are awesome.
Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden is a pub that serves a fair variety of craft beer, but isn’t stuck up enough to limit itself to just that. They also stock Kingfisher for your patriotic friend and Budweiser for your friend who went to the States once and hasn’t moved on. They’re also known for their beer cocktails, especially the Masala Beer (Rs 580).
There are many places out there that pretend to be retro but still play terrible EDM. This one isn’t one of them. They stick to old school jams, and the crowd is laidback too. The vibe is one of your friendly neighbourhood bar that you’ve been frequenting forever, while the food is delicious, especially the Beer Battered Fish Finger (Rs 331) and the Kerala Calamari (Rs 281).
WTF, or Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, is named after a joke that was funny six years ago. Still, it’s a nice place. They have reasonably priced food and drinks, a classy Bollywood  crowd, plus Jenga (drinking game, anyone?)! The Popcorn Chicken (Rs 250) and Mean Ass Chicken (Rs 250) both make for excellent accompaniments to whatever you’ll be drinking.
This is one of the best places in Andheri for any sort of craft beer, the sheer amount of choice you are presented with is awesome, frustrating at times, but still awesome. As good as their booze is, their food is even better, particularly the Dutch Gouda Fondue (Rs 545) and the Naga Chilli Spiced Crispy Chicken Burger (Rs 495). The vibe of pub itself is a pleasant mix of classy and fun.
This spot has an awesome mural devoted to music legends past, screens every sport imaginable and serves rather nice food. But what makes them absolute legends is their Long Island Iced Tea (Rs 529), which can tranquilise a horse – we highly recommend at least three per bro.
If there ever was a place that seemed like it was designed for underage drinking, this would be it. It has bright colours, cartoonish paintings and vaguely changed names on the menu to avoid copyright infringement. Still as far as cheap drinking places go – all legal, we promise – it’s close to unbeatable. The food is fairly good too, especially the Creole Calamari (Rs 245) and the Cheese Chilli Toast (Rs 165).
Imagine Jughead’s, but with the strange décor substituted for an excess of Hollywood memorabilia. This is a good, solid pub for you and the boys to down a few pints, and then some more. They specialise in enormous portions of alcohol, which is why we highly recommend the Kingfisher Pitcher (Rs 545) that pairs excellently with the unfortunately named Fungi Pizza (Rs 242).
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