Mobile bars, the ultimate wedding novelty

Over a culmination of many years in the industry, Mike from My Bar has begun to notice a sudden and inspirational movement within the bridal world – the appraisal of the unconventional bride. Eccentric and individual weddings that would traditionally grace the other end of the trend spectrum now ensure a truly memorable, timelessly eclectic celebration that is bound to surprise and amaze. Weddings that represent the resplendent meeting of two separate lives entwined into one truly unique romance.

Be that as it may, the pinnacle of any and every successful gathering (flamboyantly individualistic or otherwise) remains the same: refreshment. This is where a most promising romance begins – where My Bar and the wedding of your dreams conjoin in matrimonial bliss.

Mobile Bars stand as the ultimate wedding novelty, by not only allowing couples to really personalize their once-in-a-lifetime occasion, but by adding a sense of gaiety, adventure and excitement that is undeniably memorable. As the ultimate mobile beverage, industry favourite event service distributor, My Bar praises the individual by connecting with clients on an individual level, building a vision that is mutually idyllic, offering a wealth of experience and support. From concept creation to delivering your custom cocktail right to your hand, My Bar provides a service that is entirely bespoke in tailoring and handcrafted to your needs.

As a bride-to-be, imagine toasting to the beautiful beginning of a brand new chapter of your life with a cocktail containing your favourite fruit, named exclusively and most specially after you. Imagine a champagne breakfast reception exuding in luxury, cocktails in jam jars, an interactive gin bar which serves as a form of entertainment for your guests, as they personally select mixes of their choosing. Imagine alcoholic extravagances and curious concoctions that promise to satisfy even the most discerning palate. Imagine the wedding of your dreams, with My Bar.

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