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Atraski - About Us

ATRASKI laid it’s foundation in April 2015 with initial objectives to inspire fashion enthusiasts and modify the definition of fashion and give it a new dimension. With passage of time, ATRASKI started spreading it’s wings and conquered arenas covering Art, Travel, Food, Events, Photography and what not !

Since it’s inception it has always been in the top 3 of all major fests conducted in India. Acclaimed nationally today, ATRASKI is more of a household name today than most others in the run.

In Trend or not, this is a one stop solution for all fashion related queries. Thirst for fashion and this is the place that helps you quench it.


A platform which provides the wind beneath the wings for aspiring writers and projects their art on a global platform.

This section will be provide you with everything you need for your dream wedding. From dresses to jewellery, from ideas about bachelorette night to the songs for your sangeet, we got you covered.

Atraski Food would be a must-go-through for all you foodies out there because there is no happiness such as devouring that perfect dish popular in a place. From street food to international cuisines,we won’t let you down!

An initiative that helps keep updated with travel plans, must-visit-places, the to-do during a travel. Basically, every information one needs before setting foot to a new place. An e-travel guide for you!



An initiative which promotes the lesser known arenas of the CITY OF JOY and puts them together under one roof.



An initiave covering all major events in and around the Temple city.

Happiness is doubled when you share. An event or a party conducted, we make sure that the excess food need not be fed to the dustbin but is recycled and distributed among  the less fortunate. Choti khusiyan for you, but a filled stomach for a night for someone.